redefining the aesthetics of colours and textures
colours & textures for modern surfaces
transforming surfaces into attractive visual statements
advancing the art of decorative surface finishes
enhancing spaces with a sense of richness & elegance
eco-friendly materials for sustainable decorations
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Innovative . Creative . Inspirational

Waldec Coatings - Decorative Surface Coatings Coatings

Decorative Surface Coatings

A collection of the best and finest in high-end modern decorative coatings providing sources of innumerable and aesthetic inspirations for modern living. Products are water-based, with a wide and comprehensive range of metallic paints to pearlescent plasters, to innovative products with the unique feel and touch of leather, soft suede and fabric.

Mineral Plasters

Mineral-based plaster consisting of marble dust/marble aggregates for interiors and exteriors, ranging from Italian Marmorino & Venetian Plaster to Moroccan Tadelakt and Japanese Shikkui. Hand-trowelled applied, blending traditional skills with innovative materials and the applicators’ creativity to give an inspirational range of finishes, rich colours and intriguing textures.

Waldec Coatings products - Mineral Plasters
Waldec Coatings products - Quartzite

Quartzite Designer Wall Textures

A quartz-based decorative acrylic texture coating, applied by trowel, spray, roller or brush to give a visual pallette of patterns,textures and colours on both interior and exterior surfaces. Not only does it simulate natural stones, but it also meets the demands for customized finishes in standard and metallized finish.

Surface+ Seamless Floor Coatings

A fashionable and modern product for vertical and horizontal surfaces, interior and exterior. Surface+ are seamless wall and floor coatings – a revolution of contemporary surfaces that is totally respectful of the environment, designing continuous surfaces that give a young and modern appeal and international style.

Waldec Coatings products - Surface Seamless Floor
Waldec Coatings products - Oxidized Polished Metals

Oxidized & Polished Metals

Made of real metals, it is a decorative solution for modern interiors and exteriors to create the distinctive and timeless weathered appearance of rusted iron and oxidized verdigris effects of copper and bronze, and the polished liquid metals of aluminium, iron, bronze, copper, brass, tin, and stainless steel from plain to linished, pitted, textures and stencilled, lending to all kinds of designs, especially those searching for distinctive features and facades.

Special Products

Restoration & Rehabilitation Products
Linea Sil or Green Line
Special Paints

Waldec Coatings products - Speical Products