Special Products


Restoration & Rehabilitation Products

Silicate-based Mineral Coatings
Terracotta Premixed Mortar for stone/brick restoration
Intocalce cement plaster filler
Lime-based powdered mineral plaster
Pozzolanic hydraulic lime mortar
Natural inorganic heat-insulating mortar
Desalinating pozzolanic hydraulic lime mortar
Macroporous pozzolanic hydraulic repair plaster
Siloxanne-based protective treatment agent

Linea Sil

The Linea Sil product lines consist of a range of paints & coatings which are siloxanne-based, creating a modern aesthetic finish and offering high protection and water repellence, without affecting the permeability of the substrate. Finishes range from the rustic chromatic color-wash typical of Italian historical heritage (Antiche Patine) to fine or coarse-textured contemporary look (Novasil, Intosil, Rustiksil & Novafund Textures).


Offering a wide selection of genuine goldleaf (24-k pure gold, 23.75-K platinum gold to 21-k yellow gold, 12-k white gold, and more), genuine silverleaf, metalleaf (composition goldleaf, aluminium leaf, and copper leaf) , and supplies (such gold sizes & tools), as well as provision of services for the laying of the leaf.

Special Paints

Dry Erase Paints

Low VOC, low odour, and LEED 2009 compliant. Excellent flow and levelling for an outstanding writing surface. Available in white, clear, black, custom colours and metallics.

Chalkboard Paints

Ultra hard scratch resistant finish creating an unique writeable-erasable surface. Available in flat green and black.

Luminescent Paints

UV visual effects paints for the entertainment & themepark industries, visible & invisible clear colours

Flourescent Paints

Water-based enamel with flourescent pigments to give excellent visibility in low lights

Phosphorescent water-based enamel

To give visibility in the dark for up to 12 hrs

Silver & Gold Paints

For interior and exterior, in solvent and water-based.

Chrome Paints

For interior & exterior, in gold, silver & champagne

Gold Leaf Spray

Mimics the application of silver, gold and copper leaf, indoor & outdoor.

High Temperature Paints

Up to 650degC

Clear Protective Paints

For door accessories like knobs, handles, hinges, etc

Ferramicaceo water-based enamels

Indoors & outdoors for wrought iron effect to gates, railings, gardern furniture

Water-based Anti-rust Primer

For metal, iron, wood, masonry

Tub & Tile Refinishing Paints

Renews tiles and porcelains, bathtubs, sinks and fibreglass.

Wood Effect Enamel

For interior & exterior, with anti-corrosive action, to give a wood grain effect on any type of substrates